Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Chart Update 18/4/2014

The US Market

Since the beginning of March, the US market has been on a rough ride. It passed through the 20 day moving average line as many as 8 times! This shows how unstable the market is. On Thursday, although the S&P 500 closed above the 20 day MA again, but I'm still skeptical about this chart pattern development as the rising prices were accompanied by falling volume. I will step aside and wait for more confirmation on this. Resistance at 1890, support at 1800.

KLCI Market

I did a comparison on the regional markets PE ratios I discovered that KLCI is on a pricey side with 17 times PE ratio. Hang Seng and Shanghai are among the lowest with 10 - 11 times. STI is 14 times while Thailand is 16 times. This probably explains why KLCI is lacking momentum to move higher. Support at 1820, resistance at 1870.

STI Market

Since end of March, STI broke out from the bearish trendline and currently it looks overbought. If you are looking for opportunity to buy into the STI stocks, perhaps you could wait for a pullback to add more positions in it. For long term investors, I always advice invest in stages, or invest during the cycle low months such as February, May, August and November. Support at 3150, resistance at 3300.

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