Friday, January 3, 2014

A Review of 2013

In review of 2013, I made a few predictions based on my research on the historical price data that:

1. 2013 was generally a bullish trend
2. Support and Resistance was 1600 - 1840
3. Aug - Nov was volatile
4. Buy in the month of Feb, May, Aug and Nov
5. Last quarter of 2013: Oct mixed, Nov down and Dec up month

Most of them were right on except: October was a clear up month not mixed, and that the year end closing was above my 1840 resistance price target which closed at 1866.

In recall the year before 2013, that was at the end of 2012, people were generally bearish about the Bursa Malaysia due to the uncertainty in the coming election, but it turned out fine and many people make big money in the stock market. So this year 2014, although people are worried about the cooling measures of the property market and rising prices, but I think our market is quite resilient with strong support at 1680.

Last year I kept mentioning about investing in the right sectors because we had clear theme such as "Iskandar", "MRT", and projects on Oil and Gas. But this year I've been searching for investment themes and come up with few possibilities: Tourism, KL-Spore High Speed Train, MRT, health care, and plantation.

Wishing everyone Happy New Year! May this year be full of opportunity in the stock market and the property market!

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