Saturday, December 10, 2011

CIMB, Padini, Planitu

In response to a reader's request, I'm writing this for sharing purposes only.

The followings are my personal views, there are for educational purpose, not intend for any form of advice.

Plenitude (RM1.99, PE 6.1, NTA 2.91, DY 4%)

Short term outlook: Trend:double top forming; MACD:losing momentum; Stochastic: turning down from overbought position; OBV: turning down but stabilising could indicate possible side way trend.

Medium & Long term outlook: Trend: down, bounded by 200day M.A. as strong resistance.

Padini (RM1.09, PE 8.5, NTA 0.43, DY 4%)

Short term outlook: Trend: sideways although it's above 200day M.A., because it dipped below 200d MA and emerged from it, hence it is likely to go through some consolidation phase before the next move.
Indicators: MACD, OBV & Stochastic shows signs of loosing momentum
Volume: low as price move lower, so its a positive note here as investors are still willing to hold on to the stocks, despite a shooting star on Dec 5th.

CIMB (RM6.89, PE 13.6, NTA 3.37, DY2.9%)

For CIMB I'll use Ichimoku to analyse. From the chart, CIMB underwent a steep fall in its share price since August. Currently, the price is moving into the 'cloud' (in blue), this shows some consolidation taking place. Short term wise (within 1 month), the price may move between RM6.60 - RM7.80, by end of Jan - mid Feb, there might be a bigger move, if the price move above the cloud, it is bullish, if it dip below the cloud, its bearish. Keep our finger crossed!

Above are just the technical aspects, and it's rather short term. For a bigger picture, we need to look at the industry outlook as well. For example, Padini in the garment manufacturing sector may face more weakening in profits due to global recession. As for Plenitude which is in the property sector might face similar situation when the property market cools down. Among the 3 stocks, I like CIMB most because I believe it is in an oversold position, the chances of a rebound is high in the short term.

Happy investing,
Pauline Yong

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