Monday, August 31, 2009

Trading Strategy - Dogs of the Dow

Dogs of the Dow Strategy

How this works is very simple. All you need to do is to rank the FTSE Bursa Malaysia top 30 largest companies according to (1) PE ratio from lowest to highest; and (2) Dividend yield from the highest to lowest. The aim is to select those companies with the highest dividend yield and lowest PE ratio. Here's the top 5 stocks for the lowest PE and the highest DY as at 28th August 2009.

Top 5 PE Stocks
Hong Leong Bank 9.60
RHB Capital 9.65
Berjaya Sports Toto 13.00
YTL Corp 13.14
AMMB Holdings 13.26

Top 5 Dividend Yield Stocks 8.51
Telekom Malaysia 8.33
Malayan Banking 7.99
Berjaya Sports Toto 6.76
UMW Holdings 6.00

Hence the best stock from this strategy is BToto as it appears twice on the lists. (For more info on BToto please visit this website: )

Different people will need to establish their own trading strategy according to their lifestyles, investment knowledge, debt obligation, and risk preferences. The above strategy is suitable for busy individuals who do not have much time to monitor their portfolio and yet they want a low risk portfolio with longer term perspective.

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