Friday, July 31, 2009

Bookfest @ Malaysia 2009

Dear readers,

I'm pleased to announced that there'll be a golden opportunity for us to meet and exchange investment ideas in Kuala Lumpur (KL) on the 29th August (Saturday) 6pm - 7pm at KLCC Convention Centre Hall 5, The Reading Room.

I remember during last year's Bookfest @ Malaysia 2008 I shared with the audience some investment knowledge. Not only did they learn how to analyse shares with financial ratios, they also learn how to read stock charts. Some ideas was shared during the "Question and Answer" session at the end of the event.

For this year's Bookfest, I would like to introduce my new book: "Fear and Greed" to my readers. I believe this book is especially helpful to investors as very often investors are swayed by emotion by buying greedily during the euphoria market and sell panicly when everyone was selling. Sometimes we trade without realising that we actually put in too much of our emotion into trading which may ended wiping out our investments! All these will be shared with you from a person who has more than 15 years of trading experience and has done extensive research on this topic.

I hope my readers will feel my sincerity in sharing my investment knowledge because obviously I write books are not for profit or fame, it's to help more people to acquire the right investment knowledge and to trade more successfully for themselves.

Until then, see you at KLCC Hall 5.

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